Why American Potager?

I don’t live in a chateau, have a grand estate or even a gardener. My husband is mildly, at best, interested in gardening. My children are now living throughout the country engaged in various creative endeavors – and honestly, they only shared my zeal for weeding, mulching and squishing horned tomato worms when I paid them. I want to borrow the philosophy and beauty of the French potager- living connected to the garden and the seasons and am determined to create this paradise where I live- on my own Midwest clay soil in my own suburban neighborhood. This blog will be a personal dialog of my own workshop garden. I may periodically throw in design theory and philosophy and images and designs for clients gardens. My practice is reality gardening. This is the new kitchen garden – returning to a simple grow your own dinner lifestyle and doing it where you live. american + potager

One Response to “Why American Potager?”
  1. jim matson says:

    Loved the recipe. All people have to do is get out in the woods or under trees to find the ramps in the spring