What’s Growing in the Winter Garden; Thankfully.

Thanksgiving day in the middle of winter. In Ohio. What could I possibly glean from the cold kitchen garden? Surprisingly, a few things…. the first to harvest will be the sage. Perfect for the stuffing. Perfect for the turkey. Salvia officinalis ‘Berggarten’ does well in my garden. The gray leaves stay evergreen, well ever gray-green all winter. The last few years I have enjoyed harvesting this culinary sage on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Under my glass cloches are varieties of kale and mustard. (The truth is these seedlings are growing outside of the cloches too!) I like the decorative element of the glass so I’ll pretend it’s necessary. A baby kale salad is on the menu. It will be simple. Greens + a bit of olive oil +  a drop or two of balsamic vinegar. That’s it.
There are a few beets remaining in the garden. I’ll dig up the red ‘Bull’s Blood’ heirloom variety. Come to think of it the beets would go well in the kale salad…
I’m heading to the garden now. Gotta make the stuffing and get that turkey in the oven….