Sometimes I Write Fiction

Here is a photo of one of the watercolors in my new book, The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook. It’s a bird’s eye view of a front yard edible and seasonal garden- in summer. One of many in the book. The paintings illustrate how the garden shifts through the year and one season is highlighted in each chapter.

When I drew up the plan I carefully selected edible and non-edible flowering shrubs and perennials that will provide bouquets for the table or something to nibble on every day of the year. The planting plans are quite detailed and are in the book- oodles of them, so you can use them to create your own garden.

When I drew up the plan… there was no garden. It was a figment of my imagination coupled with a desire to showcase such gems as Tiki Torch coneflower or Henry Eilers sweet coneflower and to mix them up with rhubarb, espaliered apple trees and peonies. Most of what I do is fiction… until we build the garden.