Shortbread with Lavender Sugar

I have been practicing a little alchemy in the kitchen. My grand experiment involved sugar and fruit with the goal of vibrantly tainting the white crystals and adding flavor. It began with a quest to add a little oomph to the lavender sugar sprinkled on my homemade shortbread. The fragrant dried lavender flavor was wonderful it just needed some color. Heaven forbid I should use food coloring- I rummaged through my refrigerator for inspiration.

I started with a secret combination of butter, sugar and flour for the shortbread. While it was cooling I sprinkled on a concoction of lavender sugar- mashed up blueberries, sugar and dried lavender flowers. Blueberries turn sugar a nice shade of purple. Pomegranate juice colors sugar pink. Finely grated lemon, lime and orange peels are another option. To experiment with your own colored sugars, add just the tiniest amount of liquid to get the desired hue and then let the crystals dry overnight at room temperature before sprinkling on cookies or cakes.

2 Responses to “Shortbread with Lavender Sugar”
  1. Hi Jennifer, I bought your book today and love it. I’ve started a new blog to document the building of my ornamental edible garden and your book is my handbook for the project. It is very well written and I am finding it easy to follow. I’ll do a post on An American Potager Handbook soon and refer back to it many times I’m sure.
    We met at GWA and I also attended your workshop and enjoyed it very much. We walked to the little house in downtown Raleigh together and back. You were gracious and lots of fun. So nice to meet you and now to have your book is just perfect.
    I’ll keep you informed as the progress goes forward.
    Anna Flowergardengirlâ„¢

  2. Anna,
    It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you at the GWA in Dallas. Thank you for buying my book! Yes, keep me posted on the progress of your garden. I love seeing photos of kitchen gardens. I am finishing edits on my second book due to come out in the fall…. happy planting!