Roasted Marinara Sauce

This is an easy way to make marinara sauce from the bounty of tomatoes, peppers and onions from your garden. Instead of cooking the sauce on the stove we roasted all of our vibrant vegetables in the oven. It’s easy: Core but don’t peel fresh tomatoes; cut them up and put them in a large heavy roasting pan. Cut up and add peppers and onions. Mince 4 or 5 garlic cloves and add to the pot. Drizzle (or guzzle) as you wish, good olive oil over all. Add freshly ground black pepper and salt. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and stir it all together. Set the oven for 350 and roast for around 3 hours until most of the liquid has been reduced and you are left with a carmelized, sweet roasted sauce. Use immediately with pasta or store for a later use.

We used this rich sauce for eggplant parmigiana but reserved a few cups for homemade pizzas we intended to make the next day. I carefully put the precious sauce in a bowl, covered it and hid it in the recesses of the refrigerator. Someone in the house, I won’t say who, got confused the next day and ate the entire bowl thinking it was the leftover eggplant parmigiana oozing with cheese and crunchy sauted eggplant. It was just a bowl of Roasted Marinara Sauce. Yep, it’s that good… plain.