Pumpkins on the Brain


This trio of pumpkins is destined for the oven as soon as I concoct a way to cook an inside out pumpkin pie. I have in mind some delicious delectable baked right in the round orange shell. I cut the tops off the pumpkins revealing the stringy pulp with seeds and am reminded of the very scary haunted houses we made for our friends when we were children. One set up was in our furnace room- the next innocent would be blindfolded and invited to feel the bowls of eyeballs or brains. For the eyeballs we peeled grapes. Perfect. I think for the brains we used cooked spaghetti, which I guess must feel like a brain would. I think now as I am scooping out this fleshy pumpkin pulp that this slime would make a very convincing bowl of brains.