Look for me at I will be writing a regular blog on kitchen gardens. We’ll cover everything from design, history, recommended varieties, attracting beneficials and what to have for dinner. My design practice stems from the way I seek to live… connected to the earth and seasons by growing some of my own herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Creating an edible garden that is beautiful as well as functional is a design issue. It requires solving problems that may be unique to every site. There are shared problems as well. Where should you plant your kitchen garden? How do you create enclosure? What about winter- what will the garden look like then? Where do I hide the compost and work area? How do I attract birds and butterflies to the garden? What if I have no time? What if I have no space?

Let me know the questions you have and I will address them here or there. I would love to see photos of your successes too. Happy gardening.


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  1. Laney says:

    My family is the in the process of creating a kitchen garden around our swimming pool. It will be divided from the pool by the existing cement bordering the pool and then 18″ of gravel. The whole thing will be surrounded by a chain-link fence, on which I plan to grow a mixture of edible and flowering vines. The pool is also bordered by our back porch on the west. Any suggestions for planting vegetables this close to a pool?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hot…. full sun…. some of the annual vines would do well like hyacinth bean or Scarlet Runner bean for the summer, and Sweet Pea for cool weather. Hops might do well for you. A tall perennial (5-7′) for the back of the border that I am loving right now is Rudbeckia nitida ‘Herbstonne’. (Not edible but very easy to grow and will screen a fence in no time)I hope this is helpful. It looks like you are having fun.

  3. Jennifer says:

    … as far as vegetables near a pool, try okra or the heat loving herbs like basil…

  4. Laney says:

    Thanks so much, Jennifer! I read your book last summer, and the garden that began growing in my head as I read is beginning to take shape in my back yard! And okra is a great suggestion, since my daughter eats it like popcorn!