Osaka Purple Mustard


A quick left over Mother’s Day snack. I was going to have grilled hot Italian sausage on a bun with some great mustard on it, but I see that the buns have disappeared. Probably nothing to do with my three adult sons home yesterday and some very local grocery shopping being done. Local, as in products from my own cupboards mysteriously missing with the apartment bound boys.
A quick ad lib with a whole wheat tortilla, heated on the electric burner. Mustard from a jar just didn’t make sense in this situation. I went to the garden and thinned the mustard leaves- every other one or so; rinsed them off and put them in the sandwich, roots, leaves and all. The seedlings have all of the pungency and bite of a great mustard. Perfect. The potato salad, made with shallots and dill from the garden is better today than yesterday. So is the artichoke. Sorry boys.


One Response to “Osaka Purple Mustard”
  1. Sara PM says:

    oh, you’re making me hungry! And envious!
    Your book inspired me to start my own potager this year, now that we have a larger lawn. Before this I’ve limited myself to herb gardens. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out over the summer!