Order Seeds for the Kitchen Garden

Glorious day. It is really one joy of having winter… it gives me more time to dream of the spring and summer garden. Now is a good time to peruse all of the luscious seed catalogs and order for the potager. I am so happy that many nurseries in my area have heirloom varieties of peppers and tomatoes, but to get the special varieties I crave this year… I have to grow my own.
Since my garden is really a tasting garden, I try a few seeds from many different seed packets. It’s really no problem; seeds keep from year to year. Sure the viability may decrease but everything I plant isn’t from a new order of seeds. I think I have had the same parsley seed for a couple of years; germination hasn’t been a problem.
I plan to grow edible and non-edible annual flowers as well as vegetables. Varieties I can’t live without are: scarlet runner bean – an heirloom variety with edible scarlet flowers that attract hummingbirds; flat leaf Italian parsley – looks great all summer and will be used daily for pasta or tabouli; nasturtiums – an edible and easy to grow flower that likes it on the cool side; oodles of sweet Genovese basil – this is the variety that is best for cooking, 11 plants was not enough last year. My personal motto is you can’t have too much pesto.