Must Have Perennials


October Skies aster in summer


October Skies aster in summer


Orange butterfly weed in foreground with ‘Fireworks’ goldenrod in summer


Butterfly weed, coneflowers and blue false indigo in summer

These three perennials should be in every garden. (Definitely in the midwest, eastern north America¬†and the northwest). and possibly¬†everywhere else in the northern temperate zone- OK, forget Arizona and New Mexico). These are among my favorite perennials because they are architectural plants; they take up space in the garden (they also form space in the garden and are useful for creating low “walls”).

To truly have a garden that looks good all year you need perennials that bloom spring, summer, fall and have striking stems or berries in the winter. You also need background perennials that look good when they are not in bloom. These are some of the best perennials for beautiful blooms and the foliage is attractive throughout the growing season. So here I am showing my top three must have perennials for every garden when they are performing as background plants. It’s July…. the False indigo bloomed in the spring and now the seedheads remain, the asters and the goldenrod will bloom in the fall. Look at them now in all of their background, workhorse, architectural glory. Maybe you wouldn’t even notice them, and that’s the point. Just wait until fall, or spring.

Must Have Perennials for Every Garden:

1.) Aster oblongiflolius ‘October Skies’ (October Skies aster)

2.) Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ (Fireworks goldenrod)

3.) Baptisia australis (False blue indigo)