Looking for Morels

My brother heard a rumor about morel hunting which he passed on to me. The advice came from a wilderness hiking guide in Southern Ohio. He said to look at the Mayapples in the woods to know when to find morels. Specifically, when the Mayapples have flattened out it is the time to hunt for the rare mushrooms. But what of this poor Mayapple? The plant has chosen a difficult place to sprout from the earth. This is the way of nature and the Mayapple will find a way to break through.

We didn’t find any morels on our hike through the spring woods. Maybe a tad too early? There are a variety of micro-climates in these woods and early and late have different meanings depending on the aspect. The south facing hill is days, if not weeks, ahead of the north face. Ramps are ready in abundance now and can be found covering the ground. The photo gives you a glimpse of this gourmet wild leek in the lower left corner.  Wild chives are also ready now. We’ll hunt for morels another day.