Late Spring Kitchen Garden

Peonies are such a fleeting flower…. with a bloom time of a few weeks, if that. Add a late spring thunderstorm and it’s even shorter. My tables are now filled with bouquets of pink and white double peonies and royal blue Siberian iris. Absolutely worth it in the perennial or kitchen garden. (Peonies grew in the first monastery gardens.) They are not edible, of course, but valued for their fragrance and beauty. They also attract beneficial insects.

The late spring garden means that the frost free date is past. My beans are planted under the trellises with some twine added so the little tendrils can find their way. The garlic bulbs will not be fully mature until later in the season. Dig some up now and it looks more like a large green onion or leek.  I just cooked some up along with some shallots and radishes for a spring pasta. Green garlic can be cooked longer than fresh garlic so I allowed these to caramelize in some chicken drippings with some added olive oil. It’s a different flavor than fully ripe garlic.

3 Responses to “Late Spring Kitchen Garden”
  1. dinzie says:

    We have peonies though they are not too happy in the climate we live in. Also have a tree peonie that has a great scent – looks and smells like a rose.
    I prefer green garlic – its great with lamb..

  2. stacey says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Can you tell me about the blue bamboo? How did you paint and with what?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I painted regular bamboo poles with some acrylic paint. It does require touch ups because I leave the poles out during the winter. I can’t remember where I ordered the bamboo, but if you do a search you should find some vendors.