I hope you transplanted your rosemary.

Fall chores are always much more fun when the weather is warm and sunny. Here in Ohio we’re past that and I still haven’t planted my garlic or moved my rosemary indoors. I did plant some ornamental cabbage with pansies, thyme and sage to take me through the cool weather.
There are still transitional plants growing in my potager… the calendula is still blooming, the flat leaf Italian parsley is still green. The ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets are cool and happy. The ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘Monstruoso’ Swiss chard are colorful and thriving. I just harvested some yesterday…. stems and leaves, sliced them, quickly sauted them in Greek olive oil with garlic and fresh parsley and served it all over pasta. That is pretty much the mac and cheese staple here- something from the garden, great olive oil, fresh garlic and Italian pasta- oh and fresh parmesan. Maybe a glass of wine.
I am experimenting with cloches- I’ve planted some cool season varieties like mustard, kale and arugula under glass. If the weather doesn’t turn too cold too fast, I may have some fall micro greens, even in cloudy zone 5.

2 Responses to “I hope you transplanted your rosemary.”
  1. Robert says:

    Hi, Where did you get the Cloches in this photo? I’ve been thinking about trying them and was surprised how expensive the glass ones are? I saw them at Smith Hawking. I just got your book by the way.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have collected these cloches from various places. Sometimes I turn over glass vases for that purpose. I have designed some cloches… stay tuned for that… I hope you enjoy the book.