I am not a pansy snob.

I may be a coffee snob and certainly an olive oil highbrow. (Love low acidity olive oil from Greece which is pressed from Kalamata olives. I fell for Greek olive oil when my daughter randomly picked out a carton at the airport when she was traveling there. Martini’s is a decent Greek brand I find at Trader Joe’s and is a great compromise between price and quality. Someday I may import my own but in the meantime Trader Joe’s is not far.) I digress, the subject was pansies.

These are technically violas and will grace the edges of the raised beds in my formal potager. I am planting them now, at the beginning of April, along with cabbage and broccoli. Yes they are ubiquitous; every commercial landscaper plops them around entrances. May 15, (the frost free date here) still seems an eternity away and pansies love the cool, fickle weather. The grower told me that these have been growing outside all winter. I cannot resist the garish colors of orange, purple and yellow. Not now. I am craving some color joy in the garden.

The flowers of pansies and violas are edible. (Check with your grower to be sure you know what they have sprayed on them; they probably weren’t growing them as edibles. If you grow your own or buy from an organic grower, no problem.)

One Response to “I am not a pansy snob.”
  1. Hi, Jennifer. I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. (I was a presenter too.) I’m in awe of what you do. I know NOTHING about gardening and keeping things alive, but I LOVE flowers, green things, and fresh herbs and veggies.
    You’ve inspired me. 🙂 I’m a busy gal (writing/speaking/hubby and 3 little ones), but I’m going to take some small gardening steps come May 15!