Hedge Apples and Pomegranates

We gave a baby shower for my daughter and invited close friends and family to the formal tea. The arrangements for the table and at the front door couldn’t have been simpler- nor less expensive. Sure, we bought the pomegranates at the grocery store because they don’t grow here in central Ohio. Everything else came from the garden.

Hedge apples come from Osage-orange trees; small, dense trees planted as hedge rows throughout the Midwest. The trees are not particularly attractive and they do have thorns. To some the wrinkled fruits will be a nuisance. To me they produce simple and elegant decorations for the home. The chartreuse fruit is extremely fragrant and a bowlful is heavenly.

3 Responses to “Hedge Apples and Pomegranates”
  1. Here in the south, folks toss a hedge apple or two under the house or around the perimeter to discourage spiders. These thorny trees were used during the civil war to create ‘screens of terror’…I like you love the fruit as a beautiful natural decoration…even though my kids complain they look like brains! Hope you are doing well Jen 🙂

  2. Cindy,
    We are looking forward to spring! Someone ought to make a perfume from hedge apples. They smell really great and I do love the color.

  3. dave bockman says:

    Love Osage Orange– nature’s barbed wire fences. :o) I agree they are not particularly ornamental, however if you ever get the chance do check out the enormous (30’+) specimen on the grounds of the American Horticultural Society @River Farm– the bark is truly amazing.