Green Almond Season

I was just in Santa Barbara working on a design project. While I am in town I always stay with my friend a little farther north in Camarillo. How lucky for me that Holly just visited the local farmer’s market and brought back a new treat to share. I have heard of green garlic and green tomatoes but never green almonds. The grower said we could eat the whole immature nut, fuzzy shell and all.

The best way to enjoy green almonds is to peel off the shell and munch on the crispy unripe nut. The taste and texture is just like a cucumber. We decided to toss some into our salad.

The green almond season is short, just a couple of weeks. If you have your own almond trees pick a few now to enjoy or look for them at your California farmer’s market.

One Response to “Green Almond Season”
  1. Reiki Ree says:

    Oh! I had forgotten about green almonds! Thanks for reminding me. I do not like cucumbers, but I love green almonds! Yes! They are a tasty treat. I now live in Washington State and no longer have an almond tree. I’ll have to ask around to see if I know anyone who knows where to get green almonds!