Fabulous Green Metal Tuteurs (Obelisks?)

A few weeks ago I was driving near Fenton, Michigan and ¬†happened upon some garden antiques for sale. I couldn’t resist buying these four tuteurs (some would say obelisks). They are easily eleven feet tall and each weighs 150 pounds.¬†They will look fabulous in my quadripartite potager- one for each raised bed. (Goodbye blue bamboo and hello green metal.) They arrived by semi yesterday. My sons and I could just unload them off the truck. We would move them to the back with more help the next day.

I am not the only one who loves them, because today they were stolen! Right from my front yard. Now, this was no easy task. It took more than one person and a very large truck to do it. So my garden friends. Be on the look out for my missing tuteurs and call the Licking County Sheriff’s department. They’ll know how to find me. I guess my climbing beans can grow another year on my painted blue bamboo poles. Sigh.

8 Responses to “Fabulous Green Metal Tuteurs (Obelisks?)”
  1. Leeleemom says:

    Bummer! So sorry — I don’t understand thieves — i am a strong believer in Karma — what goes around, comes around… I hope, for your sake, they are retrieved in time for your plantings!

  2. Cor says:

    OH MY GOD! Tell me it is not true. These beautiful sculptures were scrapped? Oh Jen, I am sooo sorry. You must have been so happy when buying them. Remember the joy they gave you. . . . . .. . . Shoot me if you want to.

  3. Uncle Dan says:


    This is truly sad. They are much prettier than I had in my mind’s eye from how they were described. Upsetting is an understatement. I am hoping some sharp-eyed good Samaritan can provide you with a good tip.

    • Jennifer says:

      I have contacted many antique and architectural salvage shops in the area just in case someone tries to sell them. It’s been an education visiting scrap metal shops. Very bustling places! Lines of cars overflowing with metal to be weighed for instant cash. I have walked around piles of scrap metal, naively thinking I would find them intact. The reality… if they were stolen for scrap metal… which I think is what happened… they will be cut up, divided, combined with other metal and taken to numerous places.

  4. Jennifer says:

    There is a $100 reward for their return, by the way.

  5. I thought I was reading a happy story. What a downer! I so hope that whoever stole your steel has a change of heart and sneaks it back onto your lawn.