Design Services

American Potager, LLC is a full service landscape architecture firm based in Granville, Ohio. Our goal is to create outdoor garden spaces that are useful and beautiful- gardens that nourish the soul and fill the table. We work intimately with clients to understand their needs and desires while spending time on their properties to thoroughly grasp the context of the garden and its relationship to the house.

Conceptual Design
We become acquainted with the opportunities and constraints of the site while sketching ideas that meet our clients’ needs and dreams for a special garden. In this stage we explore a variety of options and develop a vision for the garden.

Design Development
In this stage we expand and develop the conceptual ideas into a scaled color drawing with all the walkways, patios, features and spaces of the garden labeled. This is a master plan of the garden. Some of our clients choose to frame these drawings.

Construction Documents
In this phase we create detailed drawings in Auto Cad so a contractor can build the garden. We create detailed plant lists. We specify and detail all elements in the garden, such as gates, walls, patios and garden structures.