Chartreuse Garden

This drawing illustrates one part of my client’s property where we have been creating a series of different garden spaces. We have referred to it as the  “pass through” garden. It’s a transition space; it connects the pool area to the Crescent Garden. Since I discovered that the color chartreuse is actually named after a medieval French liqueur I hoped this would be the new name for the garden. Of course, we will tastefully highlight chartreuse plants in this shady place but my clients love history and symbolism so last week I presented them with a bottle of Chartreuse and we toasted to the new name.

As a result of our client meeting we made some refinements to the design of the Spiral Garden. This drawing is a birds-eye view of the garden that contains the owner’s restored childhood playhouse and the chicken coop. It’s really a folly garden and the spiral will be stones set in the lawn. A nod to the idea of a labyrinth. Sort of. The owner wanted to simplify the design of the lawn. We are keeping the size large enough for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to play.