Green Garlic

Green garlic from the spring garden is still one of my favorite homegrown edibles. Green garlic is garlic harvested before the heads are mature. The garlic looks slender like a spring onion or a leek. The flavor is different from the mature clove but still garlicky and yummy; it’s just milder and well, greener in flavor. Early May in the Midwest is the time to harvest green garlic from the kitchen garden. These bulbs were planted last fall and have been growing all winter.... Read More

Morel Hunting

We took a walk in the woods to look for morels. My sister and nephew are the expert hunters and they did not disappoint today. We cooked our stash immediately in butter with salt and pepper and then put them on a plate. We toasted some slices of French bread in the remnants of morel butter left in the pan. The taste is milder than your everyday mushroom and as good as everyone says they are. A true spring delicacy. Thanks dad, Mel and Jesse. Let’s do it again tomorrow.  Read More

Blooming Shrubs for the Spring Kitchen Garden

Not every plant in the kitchen garden needs to be edible. There are shrubs that give structure and beauty to the garden even if you are not harvesting food. These are images from my front yard edible garden in early spring with some of my favorite spring blooming shrubs. The vibrant yellow flowering shrub is a great alternative to forsythia and it is edible. This is the Crandall clove currant. Surely all of these flowers now will mean buckets of American black currants in late... Read More

Plant American Black Currants

Early spring is the time to plant bare-root currants and gooseberries. Mine arrived a few weeks ago and are already planted, pruned and watered. (Miraculously.)  They are thriving and starting to sprout green buds. Ornamental shrubs in the currant family like, Alpine currant (ribes alpinum) are utilitarian shrubs that tolerate urban conditions, take full sun or part shade, are disease resistant, low maintenance and make good hedges. We specified them often when I was working... Read More

It’s Ramp Season!

It’s ramp season in the Midwest. When native wildflowers like the Yellow Trout lily begin to bloom you will also find the leafy green stalks of wild ramps emerging. Fresh, green, garlicky,oniony ramps can be used in any recipe where you would use green onions. The ladies of my household gathered some to make a simple cheese spread for crackers. We used cream cheese- goat cheese would have been better. We added chopped ramps and minced a clove of garlic. I would have... Read More