Homegrown Holiday

We love embellishing simple evergreen wreaths and holiday containers with homegrown berries, dried flowers, grasses, pinecones and evergreen herbs. This year we used dried hydrangeas, ‘Winter Red’ winterberries, dried sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ flower heads, found pinecones from our white pine and the neighbor’s Austrian pine (which were, of course, on our property), seed heads from switch grass and lavender leaves. In the front door containers, we... Read More

Winter Color in the Garden

Once upon a time the fashionable winter garden was a boring line of evergreen spheres. We were afraid of brown and tan and golden flax. We were afraid to see a plant at rest or at the end of its lifecycle. Deciduous hollies (ilex verticillata), limelight hydrangeas (hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’), and switch grass (panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’) are some of my favorite plants for texture, movement and color in the winter garden. You can still plant... Read More

Flowering Basils

As a rule, I always keep my sweet Genovese basil from flowering. Any summer day, you’ll find me strolling through the kitchen garden pinching and clipping to keep the plants squat and full. You might say, obsessively pinching and cultivating the precious pesto basils so I can use them well into the late summer before they stretch out, get lanky and finally flower in spite of my best intentions. There are other culinary basils that I let flower, in fact, I grow them... Read More

Best Summer Sandwich Deconstructed

We have been eating some variation of this for years. It was a staple back when my vegetarian kids lived at home. Even the meat eaters liked it. I’d almost forgotten about it. So here is a bit of summer heaven and most of it is picked from the garden. Starting clockwise: 1. Homemade refrigerator pickles, (which I will tell you about another day) 2. Romaine and red oak leaf lettuce, 3. ‘Orange Banana’ heirloom tomato slices, 4. ‘Delicious’ heirloom... Read More

Zinnias in the Kitchen Garden

We love easy to grow zinnias in the kitchen garden. It’s a perfect match- annual flowers planted with annual vegetables. Every year we plant a border of the low zinnias in the raised beds. This year we chose Double Strawberry Zahara zinnias for heat tolerance and disease resistance. No need to dead-head either.  Read More