Vegan Pesto

We’ve been leaning in to a more plant based diet lately. We are trying to eat more plants and less, well, non-plants. A whole food plant based diet just goes with a whole food plant based garden. (ha!) What about pesto? How do you make a dairy free pesto that tastes as good as the original? This recipe does use olive oil but a  whole lot less than the typical pesto… just 3 Tablespoons. It doesn’t call for weird ingredients like zucchini or avocados. Occasionally,... Read More

Turmeric Vinaigrette

We prefer to eat our medicine a little at a time. Like everyday or even three times a day. All of those nutrients and phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, immune system boosting and cancer fighting chemicals are either growing in the kitchen garden or tucked away in the spice cupboard. Everyone is raving about the health benefits of turmeric. So how can you eat a little everyday? Try this recipe for a turmeric mustard vinaigrette and drizzle over a freshly picked salad... Read More

Cornbread Stuffing with Jalapeños and Garden Sage

In my Ohio garden sage and thyme stay evergreen through most of the late fall and early winter. Berggarten is my favorite culinary sage because of how it looks in the garden all year and because of how it tastes. Fill your kitchen with the aroma of sage for the holidays.  This cornbread stuffing with sage, thyme, jalapenos, corn, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley is for the vegetarians at Thanksgiving or feel free to stuff it into your favorite turkey before roasting. Here is... Read More

Roasted Green Chiles

Many years ago we lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Honestly, at the time, folks in the midwest didn’t know where New Mexico was. They kept getting it confused with a country. In addition to the light and the landscape it was the food that amazed me. Ordering enchiladas at a  restaurant was not a simple decision. First it was the color of the tortilla, “Red, white, blue or yellow?” Then you had to choose the flavor of the sauce, “Red or green?”... Read More

Japanese Farmer’s Markets

Just a  few of the photos from my recent trip to Japan. Genovese basil for sale along a busy sidewalk in Tokyo. Cool season vegetable seeds for sale outside a convenience store in Shirakawa-go. Expensive mushrooms at an indoor market in Kanazawa. Hand blended spices packaged for sale in Takayama. American paw paws for sale in Takayama. Tomatoes with their skins removed are packaged for sale in Takayama. Steamed dumplings for sale in Takayama.  Read More