Morel Hunting

We took a walk in the woods to look for morels. My sister and nephew are the expert hunters and they did not disappoint today. We cooked our stash immediately in butter with salt and pepper and then put them on a plate. We toasted some slices of French bread in the remnants of morel butter left in the pan. The taste is milder than your everyday mushroom and as good as everyone says they are. A true spring delicacy. Thanks dad, Mel and Jesse. Let’s do it again tomorrow.  Read More

Red and Pink Currants

It’s been a banner year for currants. From just a few plants in the front yard garden we have enjoyed a bounty of these tiny tart fruits. Maybe it’s all of the rain we have had this summer or maybe after three years the shrubs have decided to flourish. The pink currants are sweet enough to eat fresh and we’ve enjoyed snacking on them or tossing into fruit smoothies. The red currants are tart and best for jelly or jam. This year we stripped the currants from... Read More

Roasted Marinara Sauce

This is an easy way to make marinara sauce from the bounty of tomatoes, peppers and onions from your garden. Instead of cooking the sauce on the stove we roasted all of our vibrant vegetables in the oven. It’s easy: Core but don’t peel fresh tomatoes; cut them up and put them in a large heavy roasting pan. Cut up and add peppers and onions. Mince 4 or 5 garlic cloves and add to the pot. Drizzle (or guzzle) as you wish, good olive oil over all. Add freshly ground... Read More

Black Clove Currant Jam

Homemade jam made with black currants and sugar cooked until the fruits release their pectin and all that sweetness and juiciness is concentrated to a perfect fruity syrup. We have been making batches of black currant jam and eating it in the simplest way: on toast. This is the best jam I have ever tasted and you can find the recipe in my book, The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook. You won’t find jars of American black clove currant jam at the grocery store. Don’t... Read More

Small Batch Jelly, Jam and Marmalade

When you grow your own fruit it’s not always possible to harvest enough for a favorite recipe, so it’s handy to know how to make a small batch of jam or marmalade with what you can harvest. We grow our own Calamondin oranges (in Ohio) and these have been hanging on the tree for a while. I should have picked them weeks ago but, well you know, we were busy. Amazingly,  the oranges were still perfect. Last year we made Poppy Seed Rolls with Calamondin Orange... Read More