Can You See the Sound of the Water?

I was just in Portland, Oregon for the annual Garden Writers Association Meeting. It was really a great time being with 600 other plant nerds. I wish I would have taken a step back to photograph the photographers photographing the plants as we toured gardens together.  Alas, my face was just as glued to my eyepiece as the other plant fanatics snapping shots of heucheras and coneflowers. So the image of the observers must remain in my imagination, unless my friend David Perry caught that photo, in which case I would like to see it. (One of my favorite photos from my travels is not of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, but of the crowds of tourists looking at the Mona Lisa.

I had the great privilege to walk through the Portland Japanese Garden with Hiroshi Makita. Hiroshi is a master garden designer. His gardens have appeared in Architectural Digest. We toured one of his gardens in Oklahoma City at the last GWA meeting. For a few hours I had a personal master class on the Japanese style- everything from the use of plants, the shaping of plants to the use of rock, meaning and water. Thank you Hiroshi.

We passed by a bubbling fountain- a fountain that was tucked away- we couldn’t quite see it. We could only hear the trickling water. Hiroshi asked if I could see the sound of the water. What does the sound look like?
These top two images were taken at the Portland Japanese Garden. The third photograph was taken at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. Water. Close your eyes. Now can you see?


One Response to “Can You See the Sound of the Water?”
  1. cindy says:

    It was great meeting you at the GWA in Portland.
    Yes, I believe I can see the sound of water!
    Looking forward to reading your book
    all the best –
    cindy 🙂