Blue Bamboo Poles

I am often asked about the royal blue bamboo poles that I use in my potager. Don’t be fooled by the photo; spring has not come to my garden…. yet. This was taken a few years ago, but it’s a good reminder to get structures ready now. Here is what I did and maybe it will be helpful for you.
I ordered 7′ x 3/4″ natural bamboo poles online. (I don’t remember exactly where, but do a search… there are many sources.) At least seven feet is a good height because when you place them in the garden, you will bury them 3-5″ in the ground for stability.
I painted them with latex paint. I do not know the exact color. It was paint I had on hand because my dining room is painted the same color. Yes, this was deliberate. My kitchen garden is planted near my house- the dining room, kitchen and family room windows overlook the garden. So there is a continuation of the indoors with the outdoor garden and the other way around- outdoor garden brought indoors.
Pick a color that you love and think in terms of contrast. Much of the time, the vines if they are beans or peas will be green. So choose a color that contrasts with green. Red or orange come to mind but royal blue also works.
I won’t mislead you. Bamboo doesn’t really take latex paint well. It will take a couple of coats. I have to touch up the poles every spring but for me the effect and result is worth the trouble. Enamel spray paint would probably work better. Let the paint thoroughly dry for a few days.
Place the painted poles in the garden, pushing each pole into the earth. Lash the tops together with twine in a figure eight motion. You can create a tee pee with about six poles or line them up like I have done in the photo with a pole at the top.
With a favorite color and a little time you can personalize your garden so that is suits you. That’s the point…. gardens should make us smile.