Best Summer Sandwich Deconstructed



We have been eating some variation of this for years. It was a staple back when my vegetarian kids lived at home. Even the meat eaters liked it. I’d almost forgotten about it. So here is a bit of summer heaven and most of it is picked from the garden. Starting clockwise: 1. Homemade refrigerator pickles, (which I will tell you about another day) 2. Romaine and red oak leaf lettuce, 3. ‘Orange Banana’ heirloom tomato slices, 4. ‘Delicious’ heirloom tomato slices, 5. Pita, toasted, 6. Avocado slices, 7. Cutting celery leaves, 8. Grated Gruyere or Parmesan cheese, 9. Anaheim pepper strips. Make sure to drizzle all of that good pickle juice throughout.