Asparagus, Ramps and Lilacs

I stopped by my father’s house because I wanted to check on the ramps. His ravine is filled with them. These wild leeks grow very well in moist woods and would make a great  groundcover wherever hostas grow. (I plan to transplant a few this year to my own shade garden and see how they do.) Ramps are native, edible and wild. I just wish I would have found some morels at the same time. Not so lucky on this adventure, but no worries, Whole Foods had some wonderful Ohio grown oyster and Shitake mushrooms which I used for this mushroom and ramp quiche. The asparagus, beets, crab apple blossoms, and lilacs were picked fresh from the spring garden. This is one of the early spring menus in the book I am working on for Timber Press, tentatively titled, Seasonal Harvest.