American Cranberry Bush Viburnum

Viburnum trilobum ‘Bailey’s Compact’ is planted right outside my potager picket fence. I am impatiently waiting for these native shrubs to grow into a nice hedge. I am also impatiently waiting for the shrubs to produce berries. I can’t quite understand it…. no bright red edible berries…. this season or last. Is the tag wrong? Do I need another American cranberry bush viburnum? Until I get it sorted out I am enjoying the vibrant fall color. My last post was about green walls. This plant creates seasonal red walls for the kitchen garden if you are architecturally or spatially inclined.

One Response to “American Cranberry Bush Viburnum”
  1. Nan Ondra says:

    Hi Jennifer. You probably do need at least one different cultivar, or one or more seedlings, of Viburnum trilobum to get fruit set. My ‘Bailey Compact’ usually has an excellent crop of berries each year, but I have four other cultivars growing in the same border, so there’s a whole lot of cross-pollinating going on.